Corporate Information


Corporate Philosophy

  • Social Contributions

    We will contribute to co-existence and development of our customers and the society using our authentic technologies.

  • Creation

    We will explore the future by creating our own technologies and by manufacturing new products that can respond to social needs.

  • Enrichment

    With the spirit of independence, harmony and contribution, we will aim at enrich and enhance in terms of materials and mind, by realizing a positive growth cycle for both our company and the society

Corporate Outlines

Trade Name Sugai Corporation
Representative Shigeyoshi Sugai, President and CEO

【Head Office】
2331-17, Ichinohara, Inabecho, Inabe City Mie 511-0201.
TEL(0594)74-2785(President and CEO) FAX(0594)74-3631

【Research Laboratory】
7870-16, Sakuracho, Yokkaichi City, Mie, 512-1211
TEL(059)329-8686(President and CEO) FAX(059)329-8687

Incorporated in: April, 1964
Capital: 10 million yen
Number of Employees 65
Factory Size: Total Site Area: 11,420㎡
Building Area:  Factory 1 (Wing A) 2000㎡
                      Factory 2 (Wing B) 500㎡
                      Factory 3 (Wing C) 330㎡
                      Precise Measurement Room: 40㎡
                      Precise Wire Cutting Factory 100㎡
                      Training Factory 66㎡
                      Facing Work Factory 100㎡
                      Research Laboratory 300㎡
Banks The Hyakugo Bank, Ltd.. Inabe Branch
The Chukyo Bank, Ltd. Ageki Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Kuwana Branch
Japan Finance Corporation (SME) Tsu Branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. Yokkaichi Branch
Business Lines ● Processing of ultra precision parts/products
● Design and Manufacturing of jigs, tools and measuring devices
● Design and Manufacturing of special-use machines and conveyors
● Research and development of products, parts and machines in customers' design specification
● Manufacturing of cans and precision processing of plates
● Design, development and maintenance of Industrial machines of various types
● Planning and mock-up manufacturing of new products
● Set-up, repair and remodeling of electrical systems of various types
● Manufacturing of air craft parts